Dr. Jain is providing professional support for research scholars in psychology. He is able to efficiently guide and supervise the students’ research proposal right from inception to the completion of the thesis/project. He also helps in data analysis through computerized softwares. You can request for any of the following services for your research needs:

  1. Topic selection
  2. Synopsis finalization
  3. Sample selection
  4. Tools selection
  5. Data analysis
  6. Thesis review
  7. Expert suggestions for the proposal or thesis which need be re-submitted as per the comments of Research Committee or examiners.
  8. Research paper
  9. Resources for literature review
  10. Results and discussion

You may submit the contact form on this website to send message to avail professional services. While you receive the support for your research needs, it is recommended to use the practical tips provided on this website. Follow the menu links on sidebar.

PS: We do not write research papers or thesis for the scholars. Instead we provide professional guidance and support to enable the scholars to complete and write their own research papers and thesis work.