past life regression

Dr. Jain is into the practice of past life regression since  2002. He has guided several persons to access their previous lives. He has developed many techniques of past life access and resolution of psychological, emotional, interpersonal, psychosomatic and some physical problems.

There is a long list of problems which can be resolved through past life regression therapy. Some of the problems for which

past life regression is recommended are listed below. If you have any of these or similar problems, you may want to explore the past life issues.

  1. fears (phobias) of height, darkness, animals, closed places, crowd, blood, speaking before others.
  2. inferiority feelings
  3. sadness
  4. marital conflict
  5. sleep disturbances
  6. allergy
  7. asthma
  8. headache
  9. persistent pain
  10. nightmares
  11. repetitive dreams
  12. sense of familiarity in new places
  13. many other similar procedure

A session of past life regression can take 1-3 hours. While contacting Dr. Jain for a session of past life regression, you should write a detailed history of your problems, list of the issues you want to explore through past life regression and your expectations from the regression therapy.

The first session will be spent on understanding your problems, the core issues underlying the problems and assessment of your potentials for past life regression. The actual past life regression session will commence from second session. Depending upon the problems, the sessions of past life will be conducted. Dr. Jain recommends 1-5 sessions of past life regression.

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